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4 Tips to help you keep your kids safe

When it comes to parenting one of the most terrifying things is that you will be unable to keep your kids safe. There are so many different things that can hurt or damage or impact your children. We see the news of children being snatched, children getting hurt, we see neglect in the form of children being left in hot cars.

We don’t think to ask the used car dealer if they have isofix car seat harnessing, we don’t consider teaching our children how to behave in certain situations because as far as we are concerned, those situations will never occur. The thing is, whether you are going to a used car dealer or you are looking for a way to keep your child safe on the street with their friends, safety is paramount. Here are some of the best things that you need to know so that you can keep your children safe.

Put safety first in all conversations

When you are out as a family, when your children are going to school on their own, and even when they are in situations with family members who they have never met, children need to know how to behave safely. That means educating them on conversations surrounding abuse, the pants rule, and even creating a password so that if a stranger approaches your child they can ask the stranger for the password. If they don’t know the password, your child knows to run. Safety has to always be considered and discussed because shielding your children from danger could do more harm than good.

Be open

When your children have questions about certain things, such as news articles or world news, don’t shield them from the realities of what’s happening. There is a climate crisis, an energy crisis, a cost of living crisis, there are wars happening – there are so many things going wrong in the world and keeping children ignorant can mean that they’re in danger. You need to have age-appropriate conversations and use language or children understand, but it’s better to be informed then uninformed and afraid. They need to understand what a predator is and how to avoid one, and they need to know how to take charge of their own safety.

Educate, not forbid

Social media is never a good idea for children, however social media is also an inevitability. It’s important that your children understand how to behave safely online and how to conduct themselves, if they can’t conduct themselves in a way that you have discussed and they are not ready to be online in the first place.

Teach them not to keep secrets

It’s so dangerous for your children to keep secrets from you, so it’s important that you teach them not to and that the one person that they should always be honest with is you. Honesty is so important if you want to keep your kids safe.

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