woman typing at laptop #Blogtober2020

Oh hey, it’s October and we are joining in #Blogtober2020

March 11. That’s the last time that I wrote something for this site. During that time we’ve had a global pandemic, parents are homeschooling their kids, summer has come and gone, and here I sit on the 1 of October trying to get back into the groove and give this site the attention it so desperately deserves. Since I needed a little kick in the bum, I’ve decided to try out Blogtober for the first time in my decade as a blogger!

For now, let’s keep this post short and sweet.

Joining in #Blogtober2020

I’ve always wanted to keep up a blogging challenge like “post everyday in May” or “Blogtober” but it just hadn’t happened. Now’s as good a time as ever, so I thought hey, why not.

Are any of you also doing it? If so, do let me know. I’m sure inspiration may wane as the month progresses so I’d love to see your posts if you’re also joining in #Blogtober2020.

Guest posting on Step Into Parenting!

I’m here, back in the groove of things, and ready to get into the nitty-gritty of all things step-parenting. If you have anything you’d like to read on the site or want to guest post to tell us about your experience in step-parenting, blended families, and alternative family arrangements then pop a comment below or check out the contact me page and send me a line.

Before I go though, and to make this post worth your while I wanted to recommend some of what I am loving from the blogging world at the moment!

Blog List

Starting Day 1 of #Blogtober2020 sharing with you some of my favourite parenting blogs!

And remember, that if you are looking for lifestyle and travel content you can check out our sister site My Dreamality. Are you joining in #Blogtober2020? Let us know if you are so we can see read your posts!