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My Very Real Dad – Thoughts on my “Non-Biological” yet Real Father

When I was younger, I tried to hide from people the fact that my Dad wasn’t my ‘real’ Dad. Isn’t that just about the worst phrase by the way? Not real, seems to indicate; not true, not valid, not whole. School friends of mine were kept deliberately in the dark. I didn’t want my Dad to …

4 Simple dating ideas for single parents
Dating Single Parents

4 Simple dating ideas for single parents

There’s nothing like being with your kids and enjoying quality time, right? Unless, the world has been pretty much turned upside down and you are longing for some conversation and quality time with adults. As a single parent, that is probably the case. So if you’re dating during the pandemic, then we have some fun …

Dating Single Parents

Dating as a single parent: How to stay safe during the pandemic

Dating as a single parent can be difficult anytime. Add to that a global pandemic and you may as well wait until your kids move out of the house. Kidding. We all know that dating is difficult, and as a single parent even more so. So, what can you do to stay safe during the …

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What If HCBM (high conflict bio mom) Isn’t High Conflict?

Many of us stepmoms deal with a bio mom who is high conflict. If you asked me a year ago, I would have said my step kids’ mom high incredibly high conflict. Heck, if you had asked me about five months ago, I would have still held strong in that belief. But now? I would …