4 Simple Tips to Keep Kids Busy on Long Car Rides

We write a lot about car rides on this site because being in the car as a family was something that we did a lot as a blended family who lived far away from each other. Our car rides were usually 3+ hours long on occassion and even if yours aren’t nearly as long, we know that you can relate. It can be awful to say, but any parent who has been in the car with restless kids knows that it can start to feel quite agonizing for everyone involved.

You know what happens when you’re stuck in a car with other people for extended periods of time? People get so bored they start talking just for the sake of talking. No matter how comfortable the car, like used volkswagen cars, the people in the back always suffer the most. If your family experiences road trips on a regular basis, then you’ve no doubt had to endure extended car rides full of chitchat. Fortunately, there are some simple tricks that you can use as soon as possible so that everyone else in the car is happy and occupied by something other than endless small talk.

Bring music, or make some yourself

4 Simple Tips to Keep Kids Busy on Long Car Rides

Kids can be quite impatient but giving them a good playlist of their favourite tunes can help everyone cope with the ride. You can either give the kids a device that has their playlist on it and they can listen to it via headphones (Bluetooth headphones work great if you have 2 kids) or the entire family can join in if you connect it to the speakers in the car. Either way, getting the kids going with their favourite tunes can be a great way to get them out of the slump of being in the car for too long.

Make a game ahead of time

Kids Uno card game

If your family regularly rides in the car, this is a great way to keep everyone occupied. A simple card game can be played ahead of time and then kept in a bag or container in the car. If you’re trying to keep younger children quiet, then keep the games simple. Other games that are easy to learn, like cards, are a great option for car rides.

Print out word games, puzzles and crosswords

crossword puzzles

If you have a printer, then you can easily print out word puzzles, crosswords, and even word games. You can create a puzzle ahead of time with a few categories that you and the others in the car know are going to come up in conversation. For example, if you know that the person in the backseat is obsessed with their dog, then you could create a word game around dog breeds. This can be a great way to pass the time, and it can also help you keep your child occupied.

Draw or doodle

kids drawing

If you have paper and some kind of pencil, then this is a great way to pass the time. Draw pictures, or create some kind of intricate drawing or doodle. You could try drawing something abstract, or something that has some kind of connection to what you’re doing in the car. For example, if you’re in the car with other people, then draw a picture that has something to do with driving or the road. This could be something as simple as a road sign, or something more abstract like a map of the road, or a bird flying in the distance. This will keep them from asking you endless questions, and it will also keep them from asking you endless questions.

There you have it! We hope these simple tips will help you keep kids busy and make their (and your) car rides more pleasant!

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