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10+ Ways to Go Green With Your Family

Are you interested in being a little more green with your family? There are simple ways to do this and many reasons why it’s the right choice. Firstly, it is a great way to help you save money. Secondly, by taking small steps the positive environmental impact a great incentive. So, how can you ensure that you are able to go green with your family? Here are the options that we recommend. 

Buy An EV

10+ Ways to Go Green With Your Family

First, you might want to consider purchasing an EV. There’s been a little debate in the news as of late as to whether or not EV’s or electric vehicles are a green choice. Generally speaking, you will be able to avoid using fuel and start switching to an eco-friendlier option. As well as help the environment by cutting back on producing greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gas emissions are created by your vehicle, but also by the process of producing and distributing the fuel used for your car.

Cost wise, EV’s used to be inaccessible for the average consumer, however, things have changed as of late. Especially as there are more environmental efforts being made to help reduce a family’s carbon footprint. All of this means that you can get an EV at a reasonable price and be able to have a more eco-friendly lifestyle. You might want to check out Hyundai cars when you start looking to invest in an EV. These provide a fantastic range as well as countless tech benefits that could be perfect for larger families. 

Invest In Solar Panels 

10+ Ways to Go Green With Your Family

Another of the most popular eco-friendly practices is installing solar panels on your roof. The best solar panels will provide you with a fantastic extra level of energy that you can access at any point throughout the year. This not only means that you don’t have to worry about constantly relying on the grid, which affects your budget due to soaring energy costs, but it also means that you can make an effort to reduce fossil fuels.

In the past, just like EV’s, solar panels were expensive. Noawadays, you can get solar panels for any home at different price ranges making sure that you can find panels you can afford. In an attempt to raise environmental awareness and contribute towards making a big impact on climate change the government even offers a subsidy which will ensure that you can save even more money overall. 

Change Your Tech 

10+ Ways to Go Green With Your Family

Another great option that you can adopt on your way to help future generations is to audit the tech in your home. Certain tech is going to be a massive energy drain and use too much energy. This could include options such as the TV or various smart devices like your computer.

This is why it is recommended that you consider upgrading your tech every couple of years. While this will cost you a little more money in the short term, in the long term it could end up saving you an absolute fortune overall. And more than that, you will be on your way to making a positive impact not only on your household, but in the world.

The best way to make sure you are using the right tech is to check the energy rating of each device. Everything from your washing machine, to your fridge, to your boiler will have an energy efficiency rating that will help you make the right choice.

Grow Your Own Food 

10+ Ways to Go Green With Your Family

Finally, you might want to consider growing your own produce in your own backyard. There are lots of different types of fruit and veg that are easy to grow in your own vegetable garden. This includes things like strawberries and potatoes. This activity is great to do with the whole family and is one of those outdoor activities that little kids love to do. Not only will you be giving your kids environmental education and starting them on a zero-waste and green lifestyle, but you’ll have some delicious food that will be just as good as if it came from your local farm.

You might think that growing things like this is going to be difficult. However, there are some great guides that you can follow online. In doing so, you can ensure that you don’t have to panic about getting things wrong and instead simply reap the benefits of living off the land. Having a rain barrel, for example, is a great idea! Use the collected rain water to water your plants. You can also create a compost heap where you can deposit any food scraps or food waste.

Bonus tips to help you go green with your family

10+ Ways to Go Green With Your Family

There are many more tips for you to help you and your family on your eco-friendly journey. Here are some of them that we hope will help you create new habits:

  • If you have young children, stop using reusable nappies and try cloth nappies instead,
  • In the kitchen use cloth napkins instead of paper towels,
  • Steer clear from plastic bottles anytime you can, this includes not buying plastic water bottles and have a reusable water bottle instead,
  • Keep reusable bags for your shop in the car or in your handbag,
  • Use less water by having shorter showers,
  • Educate your kids to use the recycling bin at home and away from home, and,
  • Use public transportation as a family and make your way to the local library or local park instead of taking the car.

There are many more ways that you and your family can have a huge impact on the environment in a positive and fun way.

We hope this helps you understand some of the key steps that you can take to go green and gain the right benefits sooner rather than later.

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