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4 Things They Don’t Warn You About Before You Get Pregnant

If you have just found out you are expecting a beautiful bundle of joy, firstly, congratulations! Secondly, tere may be some things on the way that you are least expecting and not at all prepared for. That’s why we wanted to bring you this article that will give you some pointers and advice. Take a look below for some common pregnancy complaints and things to know before you get pregnant.

It Goes By In The Blink Of An Eye

before you are pregnant

At the start of your pregnancy it can seem as though you are stuck in a drag with time moving quickly. Particularly, if you are anxious to greet your little one and get through the hard part. What you may not realise is that a pregnancy will go by all too quickly and before you know it your baby will be there to greet you. That’s why you should make sure that you are using tools and strategies to remember all the little details. A bump book is the perfect way to do this and ensure that you capture the memories that will be passing you by all too quickly. 

You’ll Be Exhausted All The Time 

tiredness in pregnancy

You may think you have experienced tiredness before you get pregnant but this just doesn’t compare to how tired you will be once you are pregnant. You may feel like you want to relax the whole time and might find yourself falling asleep at the drop of a hat. This is all due to the hormones raging around your body and your body trying to grow a baby. This is not easy so it’s no wonder you’re feeling exhausted all the time. 

Try and set time aside for regular naps or even breaks throughout the day. If you are working, see if you can afford to cut your hours down so you’re not being overworked. You and your body will thank you for it in the end. 

False Alarms

woman in labour

If you’re unlucky, you’ll have multiple false alarms when you get pregnant. Towards the end of your pregnancy, there is likely to be at least one time where it seems as though you are going into labour. The problem is that even if you are 90% sure that it’s not labour pain, you can’t ignore it just in case you are going into labour early. This can lead to some rather awkward and uncomfortable trips to the doctor. You’ll be forgiven for mistaking these pains for the main event though as they are quite similar. 

Kicks Are Both Magical And Creepy

things to know before you are pregnant

Finally, whenever you see them in the media baby kicks and pushes are described as magical. While this is true, some parents also find seeing a hand pressing against the skin from the inside to be a little creepy and a tad disturbing. This isn’t the only type of impact the little one can make either. If they are lying in a funny position, they can press their feet into your back and their head out to your belly. This will leave you with a weird triangle shape. 

We hope this help you understand some of the various things that people don’t warn you about before you get pregnant. Remember, this is an exciting and joyous time but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t challenges over the horizon.

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