4 Simple dating ideas for single parents
Dating Single Parents

4 Simple dating ideas for single parents

There’s nothing like being with your kids and enjoying quality time, right? Unless, the world has been pretty much turned upside down and you are longing for some conversation and quality time with adults. As a single parent, that is probably the case. So if you’re dating during the pandemic, then we have some fun and pandemic friendly dating ideas for single parents to help you have a dating life whilst staying safe! It’s important to note that at the time of publishing this post there are different restrictions throughout the country, so always check your local guidelines.

Take a stroll on the beach

4 Simple dating ideas for single parents - walk on the beach

What is more romantic, albeit a bit cliche, than a long walk on the beach? If you have a partner or are dating someone and they are in your support bubble then there’s nothing that will prevent you (if you fit the criteria) from enjoying some of our beautiful beaches. If you’re doing some Lancashire dating then visit one of my favourite beaches, St. Anne’s beach. From walking along the beach front to strolling on the beach it’s bound to be a romantic, and fun date.

For local Lancashire restrictions check out the Lancashire County Council’s Covid restrictions guide.

Have and make dinner together

4 Simple dating ideas for single parents - romantic dinner

It’s romantic to cook dinner together, but if you can’t be in the same kitchen, hop on a video call and plan a dinner night from the cooking to the wine. Find a recipe that you both enjoy and make a plan of cooking via video call. Then enjoy your date night together.

We’ve all seen those Tasty recipes on our social media, so why not give their romantic dinner date recipes a try?

Get in the car and drive

4 Simple dating ideas for single parents - driving together

If you are looking for something fun to do together why not get in the car and follow your passions. If you’re foodies why not sync up some music, and go on drive thru runs to taste trial different fast food chips/fries, for example? It may be a bit silly, but it’s all about being together, isn’t it? Bonding over something all whilst being silly together is a great way for you to stay together.

My other half and i like football so we would go on Sunday drives to check out nearby stadiums and we did it even if we were travelling. If we were staying somewhere else for example, the Midlands, and wanted to have some West Midlands dating fun, we would check out the local stadiums. It was something that would connect us and that we thoroughly enjoyed. Whatever it is that you can both enjoy doing together is a good thing to do!

Take in some culture

While we may not be able to visit museums and take in some culture, there’s nothing to stop us from doing so virtually. Enjoy getting away, without going away by taking the virtual tour of the Louvre in Paris. Or why not head over to Amsterdam and have a quick visit of the Van Gogh museum? No matter what destination you choose, you’re bound to enjoy it together.

Take a quick tour of the Van Gogh museum:

Whatever we are dealing with as a community know that you can still enjoy your personal life if you do it safely and responsibly with a little bit of creativity! Check out this post for more dating ideas for single parents, too – Dating as a single parent, how to stay safe during the pandemic!

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4 Simple dating ideas for single parents

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