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Best Vinyl Flooring Options for Your Kids Room

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We all know that revamping your kids bedroom can take a lot of thinking things through. From finding the most functional furniture to choosing the most durable flooring options for your kids room, the posibilities are endless. With so many options out there we wanted to give you some ideas for your kids rooms that easily fit in with your decor even if your entire home is made up of luxury vinyl flooring.

There are so many options, but the best thing is that they don’t have to be hideous to work in your kids room. From glorious greys to dark woods, the brand that gives a great sense of personal satisfaction in a new or existing home is Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring. Here are some of the best options that they offer for your home and your kids bedroom. Let’s take a look!

Glorious Grey

We all want to hide those greys on our heads, but there are some greys that you won’t be hiding, and they are the light grey tones you can add to bedrooms with stone style vinyl flooring provided in various Luvanto ranges.

A perfect solution for those rooms that have white walls and provides a cool calm atmosphere that enables you to relax and chill in the evenings, vinyl’s cool and comfy underfoot durability it’s a definite plus that your stone won’t be a cold greeting in the mornings.

If you love a modern feel, vinyl looks great with a darker grey when accompanied with some mood lighting.


We all like to pop the cork on a great bottle of wine, and there is no better accompaniment than a vintage feel around the room.

You don’t need to be wealthy to feel enriched as Luvanto luxury vinyl flooring offers up unmistakable style no matter where you want it – in the living room or kitchen. The great thing about a vintage design is that it will never go out of style and the potential is endless when it comes to pattern, tone, and colour.

It also goes great with that vintage look furniture set that can add a more complete feeling to your floor.


Slate style vinyl flooring is not something that you may think would work well for your kids bedroom, but if you are it can work if your children are older and have a more minimalistic and sophisticated room. Slate style vinyl flooring is great for the bathroom and kitchen, whereas real slate flooring is not considered the greatest waterproof product.

If your kids are lucky enough to have an en suite then Luvanto’s slate designed vinyl flooring is a perfect replacement that not only provides 100% waterproof properties, meaning that the floor can withstand any splashing around.

Designing your kids bedroom to work with the rest of your house shouldn’t be such a hassle. The secret is to opt for flooring that is durable and long lasting. Luxury vinyl flooring from Luvanto is the product that can still be there 25 years from now and still have the greatest look a floor can give. Your kids will be out of the house before you need to replace the floors!

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