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What To Include In Your Kids Bedroom

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When your little one has their own bedroom you want to try and make it as cosy as possible but also create a space for them to relax in. So knowing what to include and how to decorate it can be tricky at times, so here are some top tips on what you can include in your kids bedroom. 

Their Own Personality

Every child has their own likes and dislikes as they grow up, so it is nice to be able to allow them to have their own personality injected into their room. It could be a mural of a fictional character they like, painting the room a specific colour, including books, toys and accessories that they enjoy, to spark their own creativity and create a cosy, relaxing environment. 

Plenty of Storage 

To encourage a tidy environment it will certainly be a good idea to include plenty of storage in their room so that you can have a quick tidy up at the end of day. Underbed storage, shelves, fitted wardrobes and bedside units are easy ways to include more storage space. It can also help to encourage them to tidy up after themselves when they get their toys out to play. 

Fun Wall Art

Wall art can range from adding a poster on the wall to a landscape image on canvas. Which is totally fine, but if you are looking for something more unique than your run of the mill and generic art why not try something fun like a neon sign. Not only will the kids be chuffed to see this on their wall, but it can score you some points with them too. Fingers crossed! You can find fun signs like the Batman neon sign above on sites like Neon Mama. There’s a lot of options too, in case you have a gamer at home or want an inspirational message.

A Comfy Bed

It can be tricky at times to encourage your little one to settle down to sleep at times, so ensuring they have a comfortable bed to sleep in is the first thing you want to do. Once they are past the baby stage and no longer need a cot, but are still too young for an adult size bed, then there are always toddler beds at Cuckooland to consider instead. This will help them prepare for when they are old enough to sleep in an adult sized bed. Also if you can find a particular themed choice of bed or something a bit more fun it might encourage them to get ready for bedtime at night if they really like it and can’t wait to sleep in it. 

Family Photos

To add a personal touch and allow your child the chance to get to know their family members it can be nice to include some family photos on the wall or in a frame. This is particularly good for loved ones that are no longer around so that your child can get to know about their close relatives. 

You can then add a personalised canvas or create your own selection of photos with your child in it to remind them of happy moments they have spent with the family. They might be more inclined to ask questions and perhaps instill in them a happy time which they will hopefully remember when they are a bit older.

We hope these tips, albeit simple, will inspire you to personalise your kids bedroom.

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