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How to get your family through the summer holidays

There are two feelings you can usually have towards the summer holidays, those are excitement and dread. You could be happy to be spending six whole weeks with your children, or dreading the amount of money that is about to be spent. Remember, children don’t expect to be taken out each and every day of the summer holidays. They don’t expect to be taken on big, fancy, lavish holidays either. Take a look below for some useful ideas on how to keep everyone entertained throughout the summer holidays. 


How to get your family through the summer holidays

Everyone loves a family holiday and if you have children in school then it is frowned upon for taking them out for a holiday. The summer holidays are a great time to go away as it breaks up the huge amount of time spent off school. You could go away for two weeks in the middle of summer and then you only have to worry about keeping them entertained for another four. There are so many options when it comes to taking holidays with your children and other members of the family. You could go on a beach holiday and laze around by the sea and the pool every day. You could also go on a Disney Cruise if you want all your holiday essentials in one place. There is even one ship with a water ride that goes around the side of the ship. Have a chat amongst yourselves and figure out the best course of action and destination for your holiday. We would take the kids abroad every summer, but we also tried to sneak in a quieter staycation – North Wales was one of our favourite destinations!

Free Days Out

free days out summer holidays

There are always free things to do during the summer holidays. This includes having a wander around some museums or galleries. You could also go to the park. The sun is usually shining during summer so the park is a great place to burn off some excess energy. The park is and will always be a free place to visit. Take a trip to the playground or kick a football around for a few hours. Some libraries put on free activities throughout summer, just go in and enquire or take a look online to see what your local ones are offering. If you’re in London, check out this list for 10 free park parks in London to get you inspired and help you plan.

Holiday Camps

How to get your family through the summer holidays

If you have to work for most of the summer holidays then you may be wondering what the children can do and who will look after them. If you have children aged between eight and sixteen then they can go on a residential holiday camp. Adventure holidays for kids are a great way to have fun while making friends and growing in independence. You will know if your child will cope with something like this. And you never know what stories they will come home and tell you. They may even ask to go again next year!

Create a Summer Reading Challenge

Another really fun idea is to create a summer reading challenge. This is a fun idea for all families alike, but blended families can really benefit from something fun and educational too. Choose library books for the kids to take between their homes, or have books at each house and have the kids establish the pattern of reading one book in one home and another book at yours. If your kids are too young to read yet, they don’t have to miss out on the fun.

Consider something like the Toniebox, which is a cute wireless speaker that comes with characters that read your kids stories and play songs they can sing along to. The songs are a great way to help kids get out that energy, especially if they can’t sit still throughout the entire story. Fellow blogger Terri, from The Strawberry Fountain reviewed one we recommend having a read if you’re looking to buy one yourself and find out exactly how it works. Check out the Toniebox review here. 

Let them play on the consoles

It’s not unlikely that as much as you want to keep things screen free, the kids will ask you to play on the mobiles or consoles. If you want to have peace and keep things balanced, why not allow the kids to play educational games on the console? Here you can find the Top 10 Educational Games on the Nintendo Switch to give you some inspiration. Of course, it may be easier to control their access to the consoles and that type of screen time access. But what about all of the other screens that are part of our lives?

Whether it’s the telly, or the tablet, or a mobile phone our kids are glued to screens pretty much all the time. Try and keep in mind that there is a dedicated screen time by age and allow this to guide you to find the balance that will make sure everyone will enjoy their holidays. 

Random Days

Finally, if you are looking for something else to do with the children over the summer holidays then how about making a random day jar? This is a jar that contains lots of different ideas on what you can do and where you can go for various days out. You can ask the children for ideas and take a lucky dip each day you need an activity or outing. This could be anything from a trip to the theme park or a movie day at home. Sometimes your random day can even include a calm day at home with the kids playing in the garden whilst the adults are laying on the hammocks and enjoying quality family time. The simplest things are also really the most memorable ones. You never know what you will be doing on your random days. 

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