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How To Get Your Kids To Sleep More Easily

If you have young children, you will know that sleep is one of the most important aspects of their routine. Without proper sleep, children can be more irritable, struggle with their development, and generally be less well equipped to face the world and learn new things.

While sleep is a crucial part of a child’s life, it is also one of the hardest things to get right as a parent. Children often fight sleep, or can get out of their sleep routine and into bad habits. If your children aren’t sleeping as well as you’d like, it could be causing you an immense amount of stress – so here are a few tips for getting your kids to sleep more easily.

Keep a familiar bedtime ritual

A familiar bedtime ritual is a vital part of the good-sleep recipe for kids. Children thrive on having a routine; this means they should know what to expect when it comes to bedtime. Simple things, such as listening to the same calming music or doing their bedtime routine in a certain order, will make all the difference. 

In addition, ensure that bedtimes are always at the same time. This will make your children become sleepy at their bedtime hour. Reducing the likelihood of tantrums or upset when you tell them it is time for bed. You can get automatic blinds from the Smart Blinds Company that close at a certain hour; this will let your kids know it is bedtime. 

Stop stimulating activities around thirty minutes before bedtime

Many parents make the crucial mistake of over-stimulating their kids before bed. In an effort to tire their children out, they actually rile them up at the wrong time. 

Stimulating activities include:

  • Interactive games, particularly on screens, that involve bright colours.
  • Running around and playing with big toys in high-stakes games.
  • Meeting new people and going to new places.

All these things should be avoided, if possible, before bedtime. This will allow your child’s mind to wind down and relax into their evening routine, instead of being expected to switch off automatically when they are put to bed.

Ensure your children are well stimulated during the daytime

The secret to good sleep? Tiredness!

Many parents forget that in order for their children to sleep well, they need to be tired first. The more you can do with your kids in a day, the better chance you have of them sleeping through the night. That’s not to say you should exhaust your children; but pushing them to explore, expel energy and learn during the day will tire them out mentally and physically. This is the best recipe for good sleep; their minds and bodies will be craving rest after a day of activity.

Setting up your garden to be kid friendly is a great way to start.

Final thoughts…

Getting your kids to sleep can feel like a nightly battle; but with these tips, you are well equipped to send them off to the land of nod with confidence! More sleep at night means better daytimes, so be sure to put these tips into practice!

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