Hey Parents, Let’s Step into Parenting!

To celebrate launch day we have guest posted on top parenting blog KiddyCharts! Check out the post for their #31DaysOfLearning series where we talk about how to talk to your kids about cancer. There’s also a free printable!

How do you step into parenting? Better yet, what does it mean to step into parenting? Good questions, and even though you didn’t exactly ask I am sure that you are as interested to know the meaning as I am keen to explain what I mean. Stepping into parenting sounds like a catchy little title for a parenting blog about step-parenting. You could say that’s what it is. But there’s more to it than meets me eye.

Make yourself a cuppa, get cosy, and let’s get acquainted with each other!

I’m Yaya and some of you may know me from my other blogging endeavours; namely my lifestyle and travel blog My Dreamality. If you’re joining me from there, thank you so much for following me over to this space. If you’re new, then welcome and I hope we get to know each other better!

Aside from being a blogger I am also a step-mama to 3 kids that I am absolutely in love with! I have been their step-mama for 7 years and long may it continue!

I love the world of blogging, if I didn’t it wouldn’t be my full time job! From beauty blogs, travel sites, to parenting blogs there’s really room for all of us and our ideas out in this vast blogosphere.

Another Parenting Blog?

Short answer is yes and no. Long answer is, well … it’s not another parenting blog. Here’s why –

The thing is though, as much as I like parenting blogs I never really felt like I could be a true part of that community. My parenting dilemmas were different from what I’d see in my feed and the constant reminder that I didn’t get to be with my step-kids day in and day out left me feeling isolated and confused.

The world of step-parenting is one that is as valid as any other type of parenting and one that needs to be heard.

What will you find here?

In this blog you will find a lot of advice and chat about step-parenting, naturally. But you can also find that you will come across perspectives of a different type such as those from birth parents whose kid’s have a step-parent, and particularly from those parents who aren’t the resident parent. After all, they are the ones to have made us step-parent and they need just as much recognition and resident parents!

The world of step-parenting and blended families is a complicated one! This blog aims to help you make sense of it all. My aim is to create a community of step-parents that are kind and supportive to each other.

If you have any questions reach out on social media or check out our contact page for more details!

For now, thanks for reading and hope you join us as we Step into Parenting!

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