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4 Beginner DIY Furniture Ideas For Your Kid’s Room

Whether you have a new child on the way, or you just want to spruce up your current child’s bedroom, there are some great DIY furniture opportunities waiting around the corner. We know that being part of a blended family brings more complications than a traditional family set up would, so today we wanted to show you some alternative takes on baby furniture. Hey, who said hand me downs had to be bad? From cribs to storage ideas, there’s bound to be something you see that you’ll enjoy!

DIY crib

Cribs can be ridiculously expensive, so why don’t you make one for your new baby? It’s a beautiful passion project to embark on as there’s something so fulfilling about building a crib for a baby. It makes the whole journey of having a baby feel more enjoyable, and it’s so special when your little one is lying there in something you made with your bare hands. What’s even better, is that you can work on it with the entire family. Which is great to help the older kids feel more involved and connected with the new baby.

Obviously, there are loads of different crib designs and ideas waiting for you. Typically, most can be constructed with only a few materials; wood boards, screws, sandpaper, etc. You will also need some wood glue, but places like Glue Guns Direct sell products that are suitable for this. That’s pretty much all your equipment and materials, now you just need to find a design and copy it!

DIY desk

Building your child a desk can be very beneficial for them. You give them a place to play and draw, meaning they won’t make an absolute mess of the kitchen table. It might seem like a trivial thing, but kids playing on the kitchen table is genuinely quite bad. It’s not very hygienic, and there’s a high chance they can stain or mark it. 

Instead, building them a little desk in their room will give them somewhere to play without worrying about the mess. Desks are super easy to build – you can make a wooden one with just a few pieces of wood and some screws. If you wanted, you could build a chair or two to go with it. Again, you have plenty of desk designs and blueprints to follow. A basic desk is easy to build, but you could go one step further and make one with storage built into it. Your child can either open up or slide the top of the desk apart, revealing a section to keep books, toys; whatever!

DIY toy box

Speaking of toys and storage, you need somewhere for your child to keep the majority of their possessions. Or, more accurately, you need a quick and easy storage solution to pick up their stuff and chuck it away. Toy boxes are perfect for this; they’re the definition of organized chaos. The inside of a toy box is always going to be utter chaos with no organizational system at all. But, it keeps the bedroom more organized as there won’t be toys littered everywhere! The best part is that this is something that all the kids can enjoy! And the older kids can be proud of something beautiful that they have made.

This is a slightly more complex project, mainly because you need to create something with hinges. Again, if you really want to go the extra mile, one idea is to make a toy box with little wheels on the bottom. This way, your child can move it around the room as they please. The size and style of the box are entirely up to you – and it doesn’t technically need a lid. If you want a very basic project without hinges or wheels, make a toy box that has no lid. 

DIY bookcase

Even if your child can’t read, they are bound to have a selection of books that they’ll want you to read all the time. Your step-kids can house their favourites and read to their siblings too, which is such a beautiful bonding experience. Bedtime stories are a must in most houses, and you also have coloring books, picture books, etc. Put it this way, there will be enough books to warrant a bookcase, and you can make one from scratch. 

Once more, this is a very straightforward DIY furniture idea that will only really require some woodworking tools. Build your bookcase as tall or wide as you want, then design it so it fits in with the rest of the room. Ideally, this should be a small bookcase that lets your child reach for books by themselves. You don’t want to build a tall one as it can lead to safety concerts – kids might try to climb it to reach a book, or they stand on other things to reach the top. Keep it small, minimizing the risks and giving your child an easily accessible bookcase. 

When you stop and look around a child’s room, you’ll realize there are tons of DIY furniture ideas you could attempt. All of the ideas and concepts in this guide are pretty basic and ideal for beginner DIY enthusiasts. Try them out, and you’ll get a sense of joy from seeing your child use things that you created. 

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