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7 single parent survival tips from other single parents

Making it as a single parent is incredibly challenging. You face difficulties that other people simply don’t have to because so much responsibility is on your shoulders. The good news is that many other people have been through the struggles that you find yourself in right now. While life can be tough, there are plenty of ways to make it easier. Here are some single parent survival tips to help you from single parents who have been there and done that.

1) Put Your Bills On Auto

Paying your bills manually every month is time-consuming and energy draining. You don’t always want to know how much money your heating is costing you. 

Today, though, you can put your bills on autopilot. Just set up a standing order for any service that won’t allow you to pay via direct debit. You can easily do this with online banking. Once you set it up, you never have to think about it again. 

2) Stick To A Daily Routine

While people generally dislike the idea of routine, it can really help single parents who are struggling to get everything done. If you have a schedule of activities in place, you can cram more into your day for the same level of effort. 

When you create a routine, be sure to include some “me time.” You need a bit of space every day to yourself that allows you to continue enjoying life and be there for your kids. 

3) Join A Single Parent Group

If you’re looking to get more tips and tricks from people who’ve been there already, join a single parent group. These are great for forming a support network and being there for each other in times of need. 

4) Do A Sleepover Exchange

Sometimes, you just want the house to yourself. But if you have kids running around all the time, that can be difficult. 

Here’s where sleepover exchanges can help. Here, you make an agreement with another parent to swap kids on different weekends. One Saturday night, they get yours, and on another, you get theirs. 

Sleepover exchanges can be a lot of fun for kids too. It’s something new. 

5) Learn Your Rights

Single parents need to learn their rights, particularly as regards the ex partner. Here, family law solicitors can help. They can help with things like access to children, settlements and other financial payments.

6) Join Single Parent Forums

You can also access a wealth of information from single parent forums. Here, you’ll find candid advice about what to do in the event of a breakup, what kind of benefits you qualify for, and how you might be able to restart your career if it is currently on hold. You’ll also find resources that help you keep your sanity, even when things become stressful at home. 

7) Save Time By Shopping Online

Getting your kids into the car, driving to the supermarket, and then dragging them around with you takes a lot of effort. It’s much easier to simply order all your groceries and other shopping online. Amazon Prime is a life-saver for many single parents because it means that they can get free delivery on just about anything they need.

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