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How blended families should plan and prepare for a new baby

Getting ready for the arrival of a new baby is an exciting time, but it can be tricky if your family is a blended family. If you have other children already, it will always be difficult to add a new sibling to a family, but it might be useful to get prepared ahead of time so that you can focus your attention on your older children and ensure everything is ready for the new baby. This guide will share the best ways to prepare for a new baby if you already have children for a previous relationship and will be blending your families with a baby from your new partner.

Purchase everything online

Sometimes the advice that can help you is practical, and since you probably won’t have much time purchasing things online is a good idea. Thanks to the internet, we can purchase everything we need online nowadays. Hence, you can rely on the Internet to purchase everything. For instance, you can buy pushchair online and not need to head to the shops. 

This may seem quite trivial, but it can help save your children’s feelings as they may not be emotionally ready to come along on shopping for the new baby. They will need an adjustment period for the arrival of the new baby, and not pushing all things baby on them can help them take that extra time to come to terms with the news of a baby. 

Ensure you dedicate time to the children

If you already have children, it is important not to reduce the attention that you give to them. The idea of a new baby will be difficult for them to come to terms with. Sometimes a new baby comes into their life sooner than expected. Maybe they still hadn’t fully come to terms with your new relationship, or they were just getting used to being in a single parent household. Make it a priority to make time for them before the arrival of the baby, focus on things that they love to do, and give them plenty of attention when the baby arrives. It may be difficult, but it will help create the best possible environment for all of your children in the long run and help avoid stepfamily life issues.

Chat with your partner

Preparing for the arrival of a baby when you already have children should entail a chat with your partner. Maybe they are a new stepparent to your kids, or you are a stepparent to theirs, or both. You need to talk to them about the expanding family and find out whether they are on the same page and acknowledge that they need to give the other children more attention before and after the arrival of the baby. 

Furthermore, chatting with them about the practical matters will also be helpful to the household rules. This will ensure you can share chores fairly when you have more children so you can have the same load and ensure the roles are satisfactory and shared.

Expanding your family also means new traditions, new family routines, and accepting that though you may be a nuclear family most of the time with your own baby, (especially if the older kids live full-time in another household) it’s really not the case and kids from a previous marriage are just as important in the family dynamic.

Seek tips from other parents

If you currently only have one child yet are waiting for the arrival of your second, it might help if you seek advice from other parents that have multiple children. They will be able to tell you what to expect and share advice on how to support your other children when the new baby arrives.

After all, they will have a new role too, and the role of being siblings to a little brother or little sister is important too. 

Ask for extra help

If having multiple children alongside other commitments feels too much, it might be worth considering asking for extra help.  Hiring a nanny or someone to care for the baby when you take your other to school or appointments will enable you to feel less stressed and ensure each child has supportive care around the clock. 

Do as many group activities together as possible 

Once baby has arrived remember that doing group activities together will help the family bond to be stronger. Heading out to the park or watching movies together is enough to spend quality time together and ensure the new baby and the older siblings get to bond. You should ask your child what they wish to do, which will enable them to feel heard and cared for when the baby arrives. Giving them the option to choose what they do with the baby will ensure they are happy and satisfied. 

Remember, all kids have different needs. Some children may wish to be more involved and would even want to feel the baby kick, and want to discuss ultrasound images, etc. Some need more time to get used to the news of a baby and will need a long time before they can come to terms with the change in the family dynamic. Give the kids enough time to get used to the new addition on their own, but do guide them in the early days. 

These tips will help the kids, and the parents, get used to their new life. 

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